Free T-Shirt Giveaway: Filmee Boy Looks Awesome In Filmee Keeda T-shirt!

Personal branding is essential, and with the competition growing dynamically in every niche, it is crucial to up your game. Among many things, getting a customized T-shirt for your business is a new way. And Styloout, being a fashion brand that knows how to dress the Indians, has opened doors for brands to get free customized t-shirts. In the light of staying ahead, the teams of Filmee Keeda and Styloout came together to showcase the importance of custom-made T-shirts.

But wait, who is Filmee Keeda?

Filmee Keeda is an entertainment website founded by Akash Chaudhary, aka Filmee Boy. The website is a platform where readers can read about the latest movie reviews and watch which movie is worth their time.

What was the idea?

The idea was straightforward – Personal Branding of Filmee Keeda YouTube Channel. See, the benefits of branding are more than one could realize. Also, the YouTube Algorithm shows channel videos in their “suggested videos.” This means that your content stands a chance to win more and more views. So why not use the “recalling” technique and have your viewers recall your brand name every time they see your videos.

How customized t-shirts helped Filmee Keeda?

The custom-made t-shirts allow to deploy the power of visualization and grab the viewers by their eyeballs. Once you have new users coming to your channel, you want them to convert them into returning viewers. So, using the power of visualization, you have implanted your channel name in their subconscious mind. Ergo, next time when any “new user” would want to look for a movie review, he or she will search on YouTube using your name. This will have two positive impact –

  • More and more people will search you by your brand name, making it a keyword.
  • The “new” user will become the “returning” user.

Now once the new users turned into the returning ones, they will want to read more. And this is how one would gain website traffic as well. Isn’t this a promising strategy?

If you were a service provider or product seller, using this strategy will multiply your business. This is like hitting the chord where no one has. Just like that in the movie, Battleship, where the soldiers hit the enemy where the enemy didn’t suspect or, as they called it – “The Art of War.” Well, this is “The Art of Branding/ Marketing.”

Want to give it a try?

With the freedom to print anything as per your choice on the t-shirt, team Styloout is always on their toes to help businesses reach great heights. If you are looking to take the game to the next level, it would be better to connect with them today.

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